Jun 22 2013

AAR LD vs JG 26 21/6/2013



Loose Deuce challenged JG26


JG26 chooses Hurrie 2 109F4 trop KI61b


LD added 109F4 and Spit2


Setup Spawnpoint A , merge alt. 1200m



WTDL ~<<~Loose Deuce~>>~ vs Jagdgeschwader 26
LD CO AAR dhyran:

First thing i want to say! Tough fight JG2! Snappy Salute to you, intense fight, real nice dog fighting!



AAR by Jg26 CO Hans_J_Marseille:

Congratulations LD, you were the expected hard and for us impossible to crack nut !!!

Great fight LD, kudos to your leadership, @Dhyran, and furthermore especially to your teammate @randomhero, who drived us crazy with his unmatched accuracy in shooting us down !!! 

Especially in those 2 matches which were very close, he was a decisive factor on your side with killing 5 of us in ONE single match… and you said before the match, he came directly from a bar, lol 


Reminds me of the danish football team at the EM 1992, which came directly from vacations without any serious training, was regular guest of McDonalds and won the Championship nevertheless…


Hurrie 2, LD FL : dhyran 6 vs 6 ~
Good openning on both sides, very close down the line, both teams get into the fight quick and it ended up 3 vs 1
LD won


Nothing more to say then Jg26 was rather without any chance in this fight, our opening didnt worked, we missed all the times with our shots, our calls were bad and the battle was more or less decided before it really begun –> direct from beginning LD showed to us what we expected since the challenge

109F4 LD FL : dhyran 6 vs 6
LD tried to come along in an straigt line. But JG26 open with a vertiacal split, lined up well and the fight was very close!! 5 minutes it was quite not clear who woud survive that one
LD won


Yep, with the initial hard beating in the first fight, at which we were without chance, we calmed down our nerves and turned our mentality from “oh my god, hopefully we wont get slaughtered tonight”  into some “we dont have anything to lose tonight” thing and begun with a horizontal split and tried on one hand to help each other as good as we could, and on the other hand to take any chances to down enemy planes even when this meant, we could maybe run out of ammunition !!

At the end, we finally lost again, but this was more of a closed one, having some really intense dogfights, splitting up into a few very interesting 1on1′s !!

109F4 trop LD FL:dhyran 6 vs 6
was again a good close battle til LD pilots went crazy and kille 5 pilots in that battle! LD sweep! We still wondered what was in randoms coffee?
LD won


Hehe, yeah @randomhero….we tried again a horizontal split (because it worked good in previous fight) and we had (again) the impression we could give you a good fight until your Pilot on steroids, @randomhero, went into his nerdrage and killed 5 of us…. he came everytime from nowhere and totally unexpected !!!

Again a really nice fight, but from our point of view, not on a knife edge as the 2nd match

Spitfire 2 FL:dhyran 6 vs 6
JG26 got a super nice openingand set LD under pressure! two Lds went down in flames. LD was from the beginning under pressure, JG26 took out another LD quickly, so it was looking good, but with good teamplay LD strikes back
LD won


I remember this also as the closest match !

We opened with a mix of a horizontal and vertical separation, resulting LD encircled between 2 brackets and we got some really nice shooting opportunities initially…sadly our shooting skills were a bit lacking in this battle (or the whole match ??), so we didnt took enough advantage out of our initial superior position and LD striked back impressivly when cornered and showed close to a loss its whole potential

Ki 61 LD FL:dhyran 6 vs 6
That fight went as a good wipeout, but it took its time, the last JG26 Pilot fough tough and brave! It took us a couple of minutes to get him down! all LD pilots survived,
LD won

So it was a 5:0 for the LD, but it was close! To be honest, it was an adrenaline rush like it should be!


Sadly from our point of view this last battle was (again) a bit disappointing like the first one even when it lasted longer…but as the battle progressed, LD took us out one after another, even when at the beginning, we had some good shooting opportunities and our own chances, we missed those and made some false decisions when LD now working in clockwise precision and after our first losses we were increasingly outnumbered and our position got more and more hopeless…


To the end, LD showed again its excellence
WTG Gents, good fights, great fun!





Great fight LD, you showed us your superiority both in individual flying skills aswell as in squadron tactics and teamwork, giving us some valuable insights and good motivation to take our own training a bit more seriously… maybe next time we will be a harder foe when (hopefully) more of our best pilots will participate !!

Sadly 5 of those couldnt take part for different reasons or werent present, so we were more or less a motley crew… dont take this as a cheap excuse because i would like to admit gladly that even with our best 6 Pilots the outcome hadnt been much different !! 


So a big !SALUTE to your excellence in both flying and shooting skills aswell in teamtactics, Loose Deuce 



Furthermore i wanna say thanks to the 6 bold heros on our side:


[Jg26] Ju87_5tuk4

[Jg26] _Gizzmo_

[Jg26] Jg26_Sanni

[Jg26] Akira8787

and last but not least our newest applicant

[Jg26] Jg26Anw_Spike

…and me